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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Blood is Thicker than Water

Well it's been a very busy few months, and a lot has happened - mainly Chaz pushing through the first semester of his second year of Fine Art & Philosophy. That all went very well, and over the Xmas break, work has recommenced on the abandoned issue 3 of 'Spilled Blood' - with a vengeance! Three new pages are in the bag, taking us up to page 15 of the new issue, which at this rate may be finished by early 2018. Here's an overview of a couple of the last pages, presided over by the first appearance of the mysterious patriarch, 'Father', the head of the Moscow crime family:

Plenty of twists, turns and back-stabs are scheduled for the forthcoming plotlines as things thicken in Russian crime land, with a bit of a shock ending planned for the issue, too.

We also ended up pulling the online pages from Smackjeeves, as we don't feel there's sufficient interest or audience as yet to treat the series as a bona fide webcomic. It was an experiment that failed, and moving on, Chaz is focusing simply on producing the storylines that he wants to tell, without any immediate thought of promotion or sales. Everyone has reassured him that this mindset is what tends to produce the best, and most honest, work - so we'll see what happens...

In the meantime, we're offering Issue 1 of the series for free at Comix Central. Grab a free issue before the end of 2017!

Looking ahead to Issue 4 (!), which features Sonya in a difficult tale of persecution at the hands of the Russian special crime team, Chaz also turned out this rough cover concept in the run-up to Christmas:

Proof that the more you think things are dead and buried, the more they will come back stronger and more invigorated than before. We hope everyone has a great festive season, and here's to 2018.

Don't forget, you can catch us on Twitter: @_ChazWood_

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Halloween Freebie Treats

For the Halloween week only (until November 2nd), we're offering the three darkest, creepiest titles in our back catalogue for free, namely:

The first two books in the 'Trinity Chronicles series':

and also

Grab a free eBook now for those long winter nights that are just about to start!

Monday, 4 September 2017

'Spilled Blood' debuts on Smackjeeves

Following on from the last post regarding the future of the Spilled Blood series, we've now begun uploading the entire collection to Smackjeeves.com.

This is something we always said we'd never do - giving away a complete work for free online - but the success (or otherwise) of this experiment will ultimately determine the future of the work. At the moment pages are being updated at 1 per day, and at that rate the whole archive will be online by the end of October.

So, we'll see how this goes...

Friday, 1 September 2017

'Spilled Blood' Latest

For various reasons over the recent summer, Chaz has quit working on comix for the foreseeable future, a decision that was not taken lightly or made overnight but only reached after several months of thought and consideration. The upshot is that the 3rd issue of 'Spilled Blood' will remain incomplete, half-way through the 6th story 'Dissident Aggressor'.

As a result, we've now published the last complete chapter, 'Interlude in Constantinople', as a free digital download exclusively at ComixCentral.com. We cannot say if or when the series will ever continue, but it'll be no time in the near future as Chaz's fine art and philosophy degree course continues in just over a week's time. The final part is free to download here.

Who knows, the unpublished panels or pages may yet turn up in a new form, Liechtenstein-style, in an exhibition in months or years to come...

Monday, 7 August 2017

ComixCentral online Interview - Job Done

Well Chaz's live interview session at www.ComixCentral.com on Saturday was an epic session - clocking in at over 2 hours, we covered all sorts of topics, from inspiration and artistic burn-out to anarchism, mainstream aesthetics, Russian inspirations, collaborations, early comics career and much more.

It was a pleasure to be welcomed on board, and to field such diverse and intelligent questions as well.

He also didn't hold back with his views on Western ideologies, and in particular popular comics culture and the attitudes of certain readers to those who dare to deviate from what seems to be the acceptable parameters of storytelling or character design. Fenriswulf Books was never about being safe or mainstream, and Chaz's comments in this regard clearly show the mindset that's been behind this enterprise since Day 1.

You can view the whole transcript right here. 

So, if you ever wanted to know more about what makes the Fenriswulf founder tick, this is about as good a place to start

Also, be sure to visit ComixCentral and check out their indie comix stock:


Friday, 4 August 2017

Chaz Interviewed by ComixCentral - this Saturday

Here's something a bit different: ComixCentral are running a live online interview with Chaz exclusively at their website tomorrow (Saturday 5th, 3pm PST - 8pm GMT). This is only the second one they've hosted, and the first time Chaz has done anything like this before - so who knows how well it will go! One thing's for sure, there'll be plenty of chat about comix and creativity. Look out for a link to the full article here after the event, too.

Catch ComixCentral on Twitter @comixcentral, and Chaz & FWB @_ChazWood_

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

'Spilled Blood' #3: Hitting the Half-way Mark

The third issue of the Russian crime/thriller series is hotting up as it reaches page 12, the average half-way point for an issue these days...meaning we're still (technically!) on track to have it ready by the end of the year. The scripts and story arcs for the rest of the 'First Cycle' are now also finalised, and it looks to be a pretty wild ride ahead as the action and intrigue begins to fire up. #3 presents another 2 stories: Interlude in 'Constantinople', which, as the title suggests, involves a slight change of pace and personal character development; and Dissident Aggressor in which the Uzbek gets his teeth into a very tricky mob hit that even the legendary Golgo-13* would find a bit of a challenge... Pushing out of the claustrophobic, tightly-framed panels of the first 2 issues, #3 sees a lot more use of architectural drawing to help convey various visual aspects of Moscow and its environs and to help create a better sense of place.

In the meantime here's a sample of some of the (mostly) completed pages from the issue so far.

And over at ComixCentral, #1 remains on free offer all this week. Check it out now...

*A classic Japanese anime movie from the early '80s and one of the original inspirations behind this series.

Friday, 7 July 2017

'Black Flag: Ultimate edition' Now Live - and Free

Our migration to ComixCentral continues! Latest pieces to go up are the classic cyberpunk horror/thriller Malaria 9 (testing the viability of CC's 'prose' category), and a brand new, revised edition of Chaz's first ever comic book, The Black Flag - featuring nearly 50 pages extra of archive material. Storyboards, sketches, cover art, roughs, scripts - they're all there, as well as a 'creator's commentary' which runs in footnotes beneath the drawn pages. It's an attempt to collate everything relating to the work, the characters, its creation and fill in some of the blanks which may still exist for the unwary reader who isn't an expert on British mythology or social history.

To celebrate, we're also offering the title for free download over the whole weekend, starting from today.

Friday, 30 June 2017

'Spilled Blood' Now live on ComixCentral

Well a lot has been happening lately with FWB online in the past week or so,,,

Chaz now has an active Twitter account (the old Facebook profile died, and Facebook refused to help fix it). You can follow  @_ChazWood_

FWB have also signed up to a new comix webstore, ComixCentral. The site offers creators a 90% royalty and items can be offered for sale, much like Amazon's KDP. As a result we now have a fledgling store there, Fenriswulf Comix, and our first item is Issue #1 of Spilled Blood - which is currently on special offer for free. Given the higher royalty rate, we can charge less per issue, so watch this space for further products and promotions to come.

This is a very exciting time for FWB as we're now gathering an audience and following in the online comics community and also finding a more appropriate marketplace for our comix creations.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

'Spilled Blood' Issue #3 Flows On

Work on Issue #3 continues unabated - here's a sample page from the conclusion of Interlude in 'Constantinople', wherein the Uzbek and Sonya take a breather, and dark plots are hatched which will ultimately drive the First Cycle of stories to their apocalyptic conclusion.

Meanwhile the following story, Dissident Aggressor, is well underway, making Issue #3 almost half-way complete already. Perhaps it will be ready before the end of the year after all...!

Introducing 'Matushka' in Dissident Aggressor

Saturday, 17 June 2017

'Spilled Blood' promo trailer

We just added the video trailer for issues 1 and 2 of the Russian gangster saga to the page - check it out above this very post. Or else visit Youtube here.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

'Spilled Blood' Issue 2 Sample pages

Issue 2 is now live on Amazon's digital Kindle marketplace and available for download.

Herewith we present a few sample pages from the new issue - showing something of a shift, we think, in drawing style towards a grittier and more realistic edge:

page 5

page 13

page 18
The issue contains 2 stories - the dark and bloody slaughter-fest 'The 7 Churches of Asia', followed by its epilogue, 'Black Knight, White King', in which Colonel Maxim makes his first appearance, setting up the next phase in the epic story arc which develops throughout the rest of the First Cycle of episodes.

Kindle readers can pick up their copies by following the appropriate links below:

For Amazon US customers.

For Amazon UK readers.

Issue 3 is now well underway, with 3 pages in the bag...

Monday, 29 May 2017

'Spilled Blood' Issue 2 - Completed!

Thanks to a large amount of holiday time, Chaz has succeeded in blasting through over a dozen pages of comic art in the past few weeks to finish off Issue 2 of the Russian crime/thriller series.

The action really fires up in this one and readers are also introduced to the Uzbek's new nemesis - Colonel Maxim - whose dogged pursuit of our anti-hero will shape the rest of the first cycle of stories, all the way to an apocalyptic climax.

Here's a couple of previews of Maxim in his uncoloured form both finished inks and original rough sketches:

The Amazon Kindle version will be out soon, once the first print copies have been received and approved later this week. Issue 3 is now in production and we expect to have all 3 ready for Deecon in April 2018.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Another Top Review for 'The Black Flag'

We're not sure why, but recent interest in Chaz's first ever full-length comic book is still on the rise - with a brand new 5-star review on Amazon.com. More than a mere review, it's a very detailed and thoroughly accurate critique of the whole work, which shows excellent understanding and appreciation of the tangled themes and plotlines. We're always very pleased and flattered when anybody takes the time to write about something we've created, whether positively or with mixed feelings - but this is by far the most remarkable to date.

Despite being a flawed first attempt at producing adult comic work, and with a troubled and sporadic 5-year creation cycle, we're still pleased to have the 'Black Flag' out there as an example of following an idea, a vision, and creating a single body of work purely for the love and desire of doing so. Many thanks to Hedy for her valued words and for keeping the interest alive.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

'Spilled Blood' Issue 2 Preview

Presenting the cover artwork for the in-progress and forthcoming issue 2 of the Russian crime series, depicting the unnamed hitman in a pose from the first story in the issue, The 7 Churches of Asia. Painted up in acrylics in the New Year as part of a class self portrait exercise, it's Chaz's most ambitious work in paint to date:

All going well, the new issue ought to be ready before the autumn - while the previous is still available online here.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Makeover for 'Maranatha'

Last week Chaz decided that the first Fenriswulf title ever released - Maranatha, first book in the Trinity Chronicles series - could do with a bit of a makeover. Out went the old cartoonish character montage (which was as good as it could have been at the time - 6 years ago) and in with something a bit darker, more contemporary, but also in keeping with the deeper themes and ideas of the book, while retaining the original typefaces and logo design.

Scary to think the original FWB paperback edition was published almost 9 years ago!

The Amazon Kindle edition is, of course, still available right here.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Appreciation for 'The Black Flag'

Nice to see that our first ever Amazon Kindle comic release, 'The Black Flag', has picked up a good review over at Amazon.com. For such a profoundly British piece of work, it's great that overseas readers can appreciate some of its arguments and storylines too.And hey, the bigger issues of political independence, nationalism and repressive fascistic governments has never been more in the news...for a book conceived and begun almost exactly 17 years ago, Georgina's time is far from past.

 The front cover has also taken a bit of a redesign to emphasize her Celtic war-paint.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

'Angel of Vengeance' Book 4 Hits Amazon

Cover art, finally utilising the original concept sketch of Aldaraia
An extended Xmas break allowed us to complete the 4th installment in the Angel of Vengeance adult supernatural series, and it's now available for download exclusively on Amazon.

To celebrate this, and 2017, we're also offering the title for free from the 22nd-26th January. Grab a freebie now while you can!

Bosch has been transformed by the hand of Lucifer, and has settled down to a quiet life with Aldaraia after saving the world from the diabolical plans of Mr. Skinn. But Earth is a battlefield for the powers that would-be, and it would never be long before another pretender to this disputed territory arose, one more powerful and terrifying than any ever seen...a being of purest evil so truly awesome in might, that even Lucifer had to have him bound and suspended in the deepest pit of hell where he could do no harm to anyone.

But once every thousand years even the chains of Lucifer cannot bind Leviathan, the Great Beast of the sea, and the seven-headed dragon makes a break for the world of men.

When Bosch stumbles across a trio of gruesome false prophets who proclaim the coming of the Great Beast, Bosch knows the time is short indeed...especially as the twisted Doc Ferox returns, having refined his murderous 'black metal' alloy which can mortally wound an angel of the Lord. With armies massing on both sides, Bosch and Aldaraia must race to stop Leviathan before he can bring about the onset of Armageddon.

Join Bosch and company for their most epic and cataclysmic confrontation yet, with the customary lashings of gore, horror and sardonic humour.

UK readers get it here.
US readers get yours here.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year...and New Sci-Fi Book Art

Happy 2017!

Chaz ended 2016 with something he hasn't done for quite a while - a piece of book cover illustration.

This one was for the series of sci-fi epics by writer J I Stuart, the latest in the Klylii series.

You can find the book online, here.

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
Because Chaz is a fan of these guys and their music. Help support the British metal music scene!

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'Sword and the Ring' Book 1

'Sword and the Ring' Book 1
Now Available...in print, or in Kindle format

'Sword and the Ring' Part 1 Book Trailer

'Malaria 9' Book Trailer

"Maranatha" video trailer - for the new 2nd edition

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