Friday, 18 November 2011

'Sword of Lochglen' - back in production

After the past year in which Chaz convinced himself (and everyone around him) that he had finally packed in drawing comics for good to concentrate on 'graphic fiction', a recent discussion with long-term Fenriswulf collaborator Frang has suddenly rekindled his interest in the historical Scottish satire, 'Sword of Lochglen'.

This bawdy, surreal and occasionally dark graphic novel features artwork by both Frang and Chaz, and the first two issues have already been made available in print, and digital format at the Lochglen webpage.

It's been over 5 years since Chaz lifted a pen to draw 'Lochglen', although Frang has since produced excellent work for the historical fantasy sequences which tell the tale of the narrator's romantic novel.

Greta Garbo - or just a humble teashop waitress? Hero William MacFaddyen meets secret admirer Rose in brand new panels drawn for Issue 3 of 'Lochglen'.

Expected release date: Spring/Summer 2012.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Prey for Us: Exorcismus

Northern Spain, 1499 A.D.

Episode 2 of the supernatural medieval horror series debuted on Youtube last night. Picking up from the end of the pilot episode, Brother Domingo prepares to exorcise the Devil, who appears to have possessed the body of a strange peasant woman. Meanwhile Tacitus, our narrator, fears he may have inadvertently inspired Satan to come into the Benedictine monastery by his over-enthusiastic illumination of the temptations of Eve.

Will brave Domingo be able to expel the Prince of Darkness from the monks' wine cellar...? While Bernardo cowers in the cellar awaiting Domingo's return, the Abbot conducts mass, unaware of the supernatural drama unfolding beneath his feet. Here's the Youtube link for episode 2, 'Exorcismus'.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Gothic...? Me? With My Reputation?

Recently, FWB opened a new account over at It appears to be a new-ish social network site for 'alternative' people, which these days may usually be interpreted to mean 'miserable teenagers who like dying their hair black', but which also has wider significance for the frequently dark and strange subject matter that we present here. Originally intrigued because we noted that this very blog was getting some referrals from the site, we thought we might as well give the members something to look at over there as well.

If anybody else is inclined to join up, then feel free to add us and expand the network.

We're not convinced yet how useful, friendly or successful this site will prove to be, but we have to do our best to get ourselves, and our works, out there. Don't we?

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Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
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