Thursday, 31 March 2011

'Maranatha' picks up a 5-star Amazon review already!

It took a while, but it finally happened...some very kind (and happy) reader has left her thoughts on the recently-added Kindle edition. This was a very welcome surprise when Chaz last checked on his presence at

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Forthcoming Fenriswulf Fiction…with Freebies?!

Things haven’t been quiet on the Fenriswulf Books front of late – in fact, they’ve been positively deafening (or at least that’s Chaz’s excuse for not getting enough sleep of late).

While go about the interminable process of trying to re-discover Chaz’s remaining block of ISBNs (purchased in 2008 and now seemingly lost in their cavernous system somewhere, and still no customer support in 4 weeks of emailing and livechat), Chaz has pushed on ahead with 2011’s release schedule as follows:

Trinity Chronicles - Maranatha (2nd revised edition): to be released ASAP
Wish and the Will: Sundancer’s Regret, Episode 1: ASAP!
Trinity Chronicles – Venus in Saturn: scheduled for summer 2011
Last Rose of Summer: Late 2011

Jolly good, you cry. Glad to hear Chaz is so busy and creative. So what about those freebies you spoke of earlier?

Well, we’re seeking “beta readers”, as they seem to be referred to in these circles, or kind people who love reading, with lots of time and their hands, who don’t mind going through the proof of a text and providing constructive feedback and opinion to the author.

If anybody out there would like to take part in this, we’re currently looking to gather opinions on Venus in Saturn and Sundancer’s Regret, ideally within the next 4-8 weeks. Leave a comment here or send us an email and we’ll pop you a proof of the text in PDF format. Your payment, should you wish it, will be a free copy of the finished product (signed, print edition of Venus, full-colour illustrated edition of Regret in e-book format) when all the work is done.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

'Maranatha' - New Teaser Trailer revealed

The old, twitchy black-and-white trailer has now bitten the dust. Chaz decided to reveal his newly-completed full-colour illustrations of the main cast of 'Maranatha' in the form of a new and much-improved teaser for the forthcoming second edition of the Trinity Chronicles novel.

The soundtrack is a little quirkier, and as such fits well with the whole Fenriswulf ethos. (Trivia note: part of the audio was achieved by Chaz himself throat-singing through an echo box).

The new trailer is on show at the bottom of this very blog page. Alternatively, you can catch it right here, on Youtube.

Monday, 7 March 2011

'Maranatha' Finds Another Review

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, some of Chaz's new-found friends and associates have proved to be very helpful and accommodating, with a special mention here to Mary and Gerry at Our Book Reviews Online.

Gerry made the effort to contact Chaz beforehand to discuss the book's content and influences, and also seems to have genuinely enjoyed the read.

The full review is on the Book Reviews blog, here.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Maranatha: the Second Coming

The new edition of Maranatha is effectively in the can, with work completed on the new front cover:

We felt it was about time that Vanessa Descartes got included in the artwork, and now that the interior black and white illustrations of the old first edition have been removed, Chaz saw a prime opportunity to come up with a brand new portrait of the Trinity Chronicles' heroine.

Release date for this new edition is tentatively set for this Easter, assuming our current problem with assigning ISBNs can be overcome by Lulu.

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Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
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