Thursday, 26 February 2009

Onwards and...well, Onwards

Fenriswulf continues to gather momentum (and he's a big lad, so beware. Swallowed Odin back in the day, so he did).

Soon to be released is the new, 1-volume edition of my graphic novel "The Black Flag". Originally published in four issues in 2005 by Brigid's Hearth Press, I had always wanted to collect the four parts of the cycle into a single volume edition, and now that wish is about to come true. A dark, satirical and pretty brutal piece, it's a work I've never quite managed to let go of, which is possibly ameasure of quite how much the characters and the story meant to me. In any case, I'm very glad to have the means now to get the "Flag" out there in an accessible form, and as polished as it can be without me spending six months working on a "director's cut" ultimate edition - unfortunately I had to cut a lot of the concept sketches and storyboards from the art gallery section to keep the page count within Lulu's limits for a saddle-stitched book. But it will keep.

In other, more radical, news, Fenriswulf is also just about to branch out into non-fiction. I'm currently taking a break from working on "Medieval Medicine" by the Cure-Craft Carline, an informative textbook on the working method of medieval doctors, herbalists, and healers. The curative powers of many plants and substances are described at length, as are the legends attached to them and all in all it was a perfect opener for the FW non-fiction catalogue. Release date for this manual will be the end of March, '09, to coincide with a public talk by the Carline herself.

Finally, I managed to secure a review of the first issue of "Last Gas Pump on the Left" over at Even though there's not much 'horror' in it, I was still happy to win a favourable and fair write-up.

It's always a nice feeling to see someone else's views on your work. Makes it feel somehow more "legitimate".

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