Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sold Out

The title refers to Borders' stock of "Maranatha", by the way. Not my artistic principles or integrity (I'm sure I have some, somewhere...)

Yes, that little fact took me quite by surprise last night, as I managed to catch their sales manager just before he left the store (harrassed and rushed, as always, yet still with time to be corteous and helpful). Lucky I also happened to have a couple of copies on my person as well. I'm to deposit an invoice for monies due as soon as I can, most likely this weekend.

"Mandrake" is also out on the shelves too, possibly with a couple of sales notched up already, as I noted a few missing. As such, a new bulk order is on its way. I don't want to flood Borders out with product, so a few copies will be getting plugged at the Dundee Contemporary Arts centre, also. When I have the time.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Now Open for Trading!

With my new bank account finally set up today, I decided to act upon previous promises to release some Fenriswulf merchandise to the general public. The store is now open, over at Currently we have a couple of designs - ol' growly chops himself (as I now refer to our wolfish mascot) on a dark t-shirt, and the "Last Gas Pump" front cover artwork which also features the tagline as a backprint. More designs will go up in due course, featuring characters and art from Fenriswulf publications, and other designs which will be in the same vein as our printed works.

Let's face it, it was always going to be only a short step from "Let's publish our own books and comics" to "Let's print our own T-shirts, mugs, mousemats and boxer shorts". I've used cafepress in the past and was always happy with the quality of their work, so I ordered a couple of shirts up for myself. Because one can never have enough T-shirts. At the last count, I think I own about 90 or so. There'll be more to come.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Pump'd Up

Wednesday night finally saw me deposit the stack of half a dozen copies of 'Mandrake' in Borders. Still have a few things to discuss with the sales manager, like pricing and 'Maranatha' royalties but the book is finally out in the public eye, albeit a month later than planned. It's a good feeling, to see your hard work out there in the real world, and one I doubt I'll ever get tired of.

Also out now is the aforementioned 'Last Gas Pump' comic book horror/schlock parody of 1970s drive-in movies. Printed in glorious technicolour yet - my first colour product from lulu and one which I'm very impressed with. The oversized US comic format is very appealing, and one I'll definitely be returning to for future comic projects. No ISBNs or even ISSNs this time, so the first issue of 'LGPotL' will only be available via this site, or at I'm also planning merchandise, initially in the form of T-shirts via DIY clothing store, featuring artwork and imagery from our works to date. In any case, the Fenriswulf catalogue looks ready to expand greatly within the months to come.

Friday, 9 January 2009

More Things In the Pipeline

A number of creative things have been happening lately with me, on and off the periphery of Fenriswulf.

Recently went through "Maranatha" with a scalpel, trimming out the few remaining textual inconsistencies and superfluous lines, mostly in the penultimate chapter which received less proofreading than the rest of the book. Tiny, tiny edits (certainly nothing remotely requiring a change of ISBN) but big glaring oversights to me. Have also had some fine feedback from friends on the work. Lulu finally got my bulk order of "Mandrake" in transit, and I'll be visiting Borders with them as soon as they arrive (as well as to claim "Maranatha" monies.)

Right after New Year, I went into jobseeking mode to pick up any loose illustration jobs going over at, where I have an account. As it happened, I got one. The work is cheesecake pin-up cartoons, something I'm not exactly a stranger to, and has been great fun so far. Contributing to client projects is something I always feel the need to keep at, as too much time spent working to one's own specifications can lead to easy stagnation and lazy habits. Knowing that someone else will be judging the work, and providing payment for it, is an incentive almost as powerful as a firecracker up the Aswan.

Further to this, I've been encouraged to pick up my sometime comic exploitation spoof series "Last Gas Pump on the Left". It'll need a bit of tweaking for print I think, but is definitely on the cards.

Also in the pipeline is a work of medieval medicine, by "Mandrake" contributor Lesley-Anne Brewster. We're currently sourcing royalty-free contemporary illustrations for this, and this project is also looking good to go pretty soon. As it stands, Fenriswulf's catalogue is looking to increase considerably in the months to come.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year...

...and Happy Third Birthday, "Maranatha".

It was exactly three years ago to the day that I watched a TV documentary on the Spear of Destiny, which inspired Fenriswulf's first release, "Maranatha". The first draft was completed in four months flat, but further editing and revision took another two years.

All that time later, and now we're looking ahead to our next releases. Comics or graphic novels, most likely - more details as and when they become finalised. That's the fun thing about being an editor, and having so much material to draw upon - there's always something exciting in the pipeline.

I received my receipt from the British Library as well last week, 6 months after I'd sent them a copy of the first impression of "Maranatha". It took a while but at least I was glad to know that it hadn't been lost in the works somewhere.

In the meantime, I seem to have lined up an online review of "Maranatha" with Perhaps not the most obvious place to seek a book review of this kind as it's not exactly a genre piece, but I felt there was enough dark and disturbing imagery in the story to more than justify it. Besides, the folks at horrornews have been very helpful and responsive so far. Certainly moreso than most I have approached in recent months.

So here's to 2009!

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