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Thursday, 28 April 2011

'The Black Flag' Flies on Amazon Kindle

Chaz originally submitted his first full-length graphic novel to Amazon's Kindle program back in December, then promptly forgot all about it during that period of the lousiest weather ever, becoming officially self-employed, and doing lots and lots of commission works while stuck in the house.

In the meantime, 'The Black Flag' has shifted a respectable number of copies both on the UK and the US Amazon sites - something Chaz was very pleased and surprised to discover tonight. Now that the Kindle project appears to be bearing some fruit, this is definitely a medium into which Fenriswulf Books will be planning more releases in the future (despite some of Chaz's earlier dismissive comments regarding the future of the e-book reader...well, times do change!)

Channeling the likes of 2000 AD's Slaine through the mythical Irish background of the Morrigan and the Battle of Magh Tuireadh, 'The Black Flag' pushes the notion of a Celtic revolutionary underground through a darkly futuristic vision of the British Isles. Anti-heroine Georgina Buadach Macdubhgaill invokes the myths of the good gods of ancient Ireland to bring blood and battle to the streets of London...and in the process, draws another cycle of history to a brutal conclusion.

Here's the link for UK Kindle shoppers.

And for US Kindle shoppers.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This is the End, My Friend…

No, not of Fenriswulf Books or anything, but of the long-winded Lulu.com support query involving our missing block of ISBNs.

Seven weeks after the support query was first raised, and last night Chaz received his details as originally requested. While the relief has been tangible and welcome, it’s not encouraging that this simple query took so long to resolve, and seems only to have been accomplished with a good deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth, not to mention prodding Lulu’s support agents, and their public Facebook provile page, with long sharp objects.

So, the arduous mission in to the heart of darkness is over, and a new era can begin: when Fenriswulf can once again publish and globally distribute its current and pending catalogue of new books. This awkward voyage has resulted in Chaz’s original plans to release the new edition of Maranatha on Easter Sunday being completely shredded, but no matter – the book ought to be out in the next few weeks, with its new prequel, Venus in Saturn, to follow soon after (or as quickly as Chaz has figured out how to use Lulu’s new global distribution services).

As such, normal service is resumed!

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Wish and the Will Episode 2: Now Available

...and it's STILL only £0.99 as well!

In the world of Middengarth, where fairytales and folklore are history, and magic still lingers in the air, strange things are afoot...

Outlaws Jeth Sundancer, Renzo K. Castello and Claudia have been chased out of Middengarth City by the forces of law and order, and now struggle for survival in the harsh realm of the Outlands. Herein, they have to contend with a crusty riverboat captain and his rag-tag crew; a psychopathic First Mate on board a trading vessel and an incredibly ill-fitting corset, all on the road to the 'biggest bank job ever'. Things are further complicated when Renzo & Jeth's old friend, Smiffy Smurkin, takes an instant dislike to Claudia on account of the colour of her hair and threatens their entire operation. How can our hapless anti-heroes hope to throw a spanner in the clockwork wheels of the tyrannical Daemonlords against such continued opposition?

You can download the new episode right here.

The characters now also have their own Facebook page!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Lulu.com Reply...at Last

Further to an earlier (and rather belligerent) post on this very blog regarding Lulu.com's lack of response to Chaz's ISBN problem (now 6 weeks and climbing), and a few comments and responses on the front page of their Facebook profile, Chaz has finally found someone at Lulu who has been willing to apologise for the delay, acknowledge his patience in this matter, and escalate his query.

That was really all Chaz had been wanting to hear from someone - anyone - at the company, yet it has taken 1 month of waiting, regular emails to their support team and finally the threat of public humiliation in front of Facebook's half-billion users to get a result. But Chaz is happy that at least some movement on the issue has occurred, with promises of the case being put to the top of the queue.

We shall wait and see. With luck, our next major releases: Maranatha (2nd edition) and Venus in Saturn will be out before too long, with Last Rose of Summer to follow. In any case, we'll keep you posted.

P.S Chaz has now removed the earlier 'complaint' post leveled at Lulu's customer service teams. It served its purpose at the time, to vent his frustration in public and try to raise some awareness of the issue, but its time has now passed. And it is now time, as they say, to move on. (Ironically, it also proved the most viewed post on the Fenriswulf blog this year, by far...perhaps our readers enjoy rants and complaints?)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Wish & the Will Comes Alive on Facebook

While the silence in the Lulu.com corner continues to be deafening, Chaz is continuing work on the surreal fantasy digital e-book series, 'The Wish & the Will' (which at least doesn't require ISBNs to get out there). The series has already attracted some interest and sold a few downloads, so Chaz is understandably keen to keep the momentum going.

As such, he has recently decided to set up a fully interactive and in-character Facebook group for readers and interested parties:

The Facebook Group is here.

Currently the principal five characters are in the process of bickering among themselves as they struggle to get acquainted with the wonders of social networking, and take each other to task both on matters related to events in the books, and elsewhere. If time allows, Chaz hopes to expand the cast of Facebook personalities to include 'bad guy' individuals and even some of the strange and sinister Daemonlords who rule the fantasy world of Middengarth.

Monday, 11 April 2011

'Surfeit of Mandrake' Reviewed...on Amazon, and Elsewhere

While 'Maranatha' has been notching up some good press in recent months, that other stalwart of the original Fenriswulf catalogue, 'A Surfeit of Mandrake', hasn't been so lucky in finding reviewers of late. Possibly because anthologies are so difficult to review and sum up, especially ones as eclectic as this which features poetry, drama in blank verse, short stories, artwork, comic strips and a mini sci-fi saga as the centre piece.

However, that's all changed now thanks to the extremely generous and helpful Trevor, over at Bookophile Reviews. True to his every word, he's written a damn fine review and shared it not only at Amazon and his own blog pages, but at Goodreads also (where Chaz and Fenriswulf have a growing presence).

The new 'Mandrake' review is online at Amazon, here. While you're at it, pop across to Trevor's pages and show him some support too! If you have a book you'd like reviewed, drop him a line - he's a great guy to chat with, as well.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Wish & the Will: Episode 1 Now Available!


The world is in turmoil!

In the solitary city of Middengarth, the strange and sinister Daemonlords rule the inhabitants with ever-increasing firmness. The great City Clock stands still at one stroke before midnight, and the whispers on the street are that soon the Clock shall strike - to signify an event of literally world-shaking proportions that none could ever foresee.

In the Outside, the untamed lands far beyond the City, a cruel warlord known only as the Moderator kills or enslaves all those who wish a new society free of the Daemonlords and to exist in peace.

But one insignificant human is worrying only about his own skin. That is, until Fate decides to lend a hand.

When down-on-his-luck gambler Jeth Sundancer reluctantly teams up again with old partner Renzo K. Castello to perpetrate the 'biggest-ever bank job', the brainchild of the appealing but mysterious Claudia, he soon wishes he had stayed among the anonymous outcasts in Middengarth's Warrens...

For Jeth Sundancer; sardonic, weary and distrusting of his only friends; the cards do indeed seem to be stacked.

You can download the e-Book version of Sundancer's Regret: Episode 1 right here. 77 Pages, illustrated in full colour. Price: 0.99 GBP.

Read more about the Wish & the Will series here.

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'Sword and the Ring' Book 1
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