Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More Thoughts on Amazon's KDP

The recent 'giveaway' of our latest Kindle publication, 'Malaria 9', threw up some interesting facts and figures. As well as shifting over 400 copies which got the book into the top 40 free listings in the UK and US territories, we also noticed a surprising number of copies getting shifted in Germany ( - which got us into the top 20 over there. Far better than we would ever have expected an English-language prose work to do, in fact. 'Dog Days' also did quite well in Italy (top 10 for its category?!) but that's light on words and heavy on pictures.

All of which makes me ponder now the possibility of a developing market in the European territories. For sure, we appreciate that some readers and Kindle users will grab anything that's free simply because it's free, but I'm unwilling to attribute this kind of habit to all of our foreign uptake to date. Our presence on the .de site has been completely neglected until now, to the point of even leaving all our books untagged as I felt it slightly arrogant to use English language tags on a German shopping site. Perhaps a few minutes with my Collins German dictionary might help change all of that.

Another interesting point to note was how the recent free promo has straightaway managed to raise a few actual sales - showing that Amazon's "Readers who liked this also liked..." and "Suggested/similar offerings" adverts do seem to help raise awareness of the existence of books that are otherwise not very well publicised. As an Amazon promotional tool, the Kindle Select free promo option is the best I've come across yet.

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