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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mitternacht Erotik...

It's been a while since we noticed anything noteworthy in the e-publishing world lately, but this news headline did catch Chaz's eye earlier this week:

Adult eBooks given curfew in Germany

Yes, you read that right...the Germans have decided that in order to protect their youth from unsuitable and corrupting adult material, that readers seeking sexy thrills can only purchase erotic material between the hours of midnight and 6 am.

All this, despite the fact that Amazon carry a huge amount of adult material that is not classified as such (which is a whole different kettle of monkeys), and the fact that in order to purchase ebooks, a credit card or bank card is usually required in the first place. Also, what about under-age users accessing such material whilst in another time zone, and therefore outwith the hours of the native German curfew? No, this one wasn't thought out too clearly, really. It seems already to have raised a few eyebrows in the publishing and tech sectors, and rightly so - it's one of the more pointless pieces of legislation we've come across anywhere lately. We don't expect it'll catch on elsewhere. Or at least, we hope it doesn't.

Typical Berliner seen between the hours of midnight and 6am

Monday, 8 June 2015

Christopher Marlowe Remembered...

To commemorate the 422nd anniversary of the murder/assassination of one of Chaz's favourite writers, the tragic playwright Christopher Marlowe, we're offering for free (starting from Tuesday 9th June) Chaz's blank verse tribute, The Tragicall Historie of Kit Marlowe: A Brief Biographical Play in (Mostly) Blank Verse 

(Okay, we know it's over a week late as Marlowe was killed at the end of May - but we've been very busy with uninteresting domestic stuff lately, and better late than never).

We reckon this will probably become an annual tribute on the part of FWB, in fact, to remember one of the greatest writers in the English language.

P.S. As this is the 200th post on this very blog, we're also offering a few other books for free this week...but you'll need to search Amazon's Kindle store for 'Fenriswulf Books' to find them ;-)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

'The Black Flag': Georgina Gets a Makeover

The Black Flag was our first ever listing on Amazon Kindle, 5 and a half years ago now, and has remained unchanged all that time - so we thought it was time to revise the front cover from the old dark, sketchy pencil composite to something brighter, and more lively:

Due to Amazon's recent alterations to its pricing structure, we've also been able to lower the price for this title - from over $2.50 to the more standard eBook price of $1.99.

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
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