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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazon Muscle in on the High Street

So, after 20 years of squeezing traditional bricks 'n mortar bookstores, Amazon have finally gone and...opened a traditional bricks 'n mortar bookstore. Somewhat surprising really until you read on and discover that it's also being used as a high street outlet for their digital eBook reader devices, as well as stocking only safe-bet best sellers, albeit in a rather unconventional display.

Slightly less surprising, perhaps, is the openly hostile attitude shown to this new venture by one very high-profile competitor. You can find the full article over at the BBC tech page, here.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Malaria 9 Sequel: Progress!

The original cyberpunk/horror action thriller Malaria 9 introduced us to the quirky team of Angela 'Dawn' Saxon, her tech-head buddy 'Skidd' Marx, and wolfish dog, Cromwell. The book ended with the assurance that they would all return in a future sequel, which for various reasons has been languishing in oblivion since 2013. Other projects came and went in the meantime but the idea was always there on the backburner.

Even though graphic art is now Chaz's main focus, the sequel is back in production with fresh ideas and a storyline which picks up six months after the revelations at the end of the previous book. With over 50 pages of text previously in the bag and provisionally titled Londinium's Burning, here's a sneaky preview of the latest cover concept - albeit a composite of recent drawings, the elements seem to work well together. Dawn and company ought to be back out there on the streets by early 2016. Watch this space...

Dawn returns in her iconic catsuit, first seen in the cover art for Malaria 9

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

'Sword of Lochglen' Issue 4 - Still In Progress

A whole bunch of stuff (mostly uninteresting, non-arty and non-Scottish) happened since work on Issue 4 of our historical (and sometimes hysterical) Caledonian comic, The Sword of Lochglwn kicked off...but that doesn't mean that Lochglen issue 4 isn't progressing well. It's now come off the backburner again and Chaz is busily working on brand new pages right now (well, not right now, since he's writing this blog post...). And here's a few samples of recent finished pages and art just to prove it! Aiming for completion by the end of the year or early 2016, and then we'll be gearing up for the final, concluding issue - which may well prove to be a bumper-size edition. More news soon!

As ever, keep an eye on the Lochglen blog for more info and news.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Inkitt Writing Contest - Too Good to be True?

This week we received what at first glance appeared to be yet another piece of spammy junk email trying to squeeze money, promotion or precious original works out of star-struck writers the world over.

This one promoted a 'Hidden Gems' contest by one outfit named Inkitt, the details of which are visible here:


The concept seems to be based on a site we were members of a few years ago which seemed to be based around other users' votes on unpublished online works, and which we soon quit when it became obvious it was nothing more than a popularity contest that involved sycophancy, soliciting and trolling in roughly equal measure (can't remember the name of the site, though if memory serves, it had 'authors' or 'writers' in its name?).

We're not very impressed, to be honest, with the Inkitt website or the terms of the deal. Has anybody else had experience of this one? Have to say, alarm bells started to ring when a later part of the email requested re-posting and re-tweeting of the contest, so it may just come down to being part of a big fat publicity stunt.

Drop us a line if you have any opinions or past dealings anyway.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

'Surfeit of Mandrake' at Bargain Price

It's been a while since we checked our inventory on Amazon.co.uk, and we just noticed that our anthology, A Surfeit of Mandrake, is now on special offer at only 1.29 for the paperback edition. Here's your chance to grab a piece of FWB print publishing history!

Here's the Amazon UK link.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mitternacht Erotik...

It's been a while since we noticed anything noteworthy in the e-publishing world lately, but this news headline did catch Chaz's eye earlier this week:

Adult eBooks given curfew in Germany

Yes, you read that right...the Germans have decided that in order to protect their youth from unsuitable and corrupting adult material, that readers seeking sexy thrills can only purchase erotic material between the hours of midnight and 6 am.

All this, despite the fact that Amazon carry a huge amount of adult material that is not classified as such (which is a whole different kettle of monkeys), and the fact that in order to purchase ebooks, a credit card or bank card is usually required in the first place. Also, what about under-age users accessing such material whilst in another time zone, and therefore outwith the hours of the native German curfew? No, this one wasn't thought out too clearly, really. It seems already to have raised a few eyebrows in the publishing and tech sectors, and rightly so - it's one of the more pointless pieces of legislation we've come across anywhere lately. We don't expect it'll catch on elsewhere. Or at least, we hope it doesn't.

Typical Berliner seen between the hours of midnight and 6am

Monday, 8 June 2015

Christopher Marlowe Remembered...

To commemorate the 422nd anniversary of the murder/assassination of one of Chaz's favourite writers, the tragic playwright Christopher Marlowe, we're offering for free (starting from Tuesday 9th June) Chaz's blank verse tribute, The Tragicall Historie of Kit Marlowe: A Brief Biographical Play in (Mostly) Blank Verse 

(Okay, we know it's over a week late as Marlowe was killed at the end of May - but we've been very busy with uninteresting domestic stuff lately, and better late than never).

We reckon this will probably become an annual tribute on the part of FWB, in fact, to remember one of the greatest writers in the English language.

P.S. As this is the 200th post on this very blog, we're also offering a few other books for free this week...but you'll need to search Amazon's Kindle store for 'Fenriswulf Books' to find them ;-)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

'The Black Flag': Georgina Gets a Makeover

The Black Flag was our first ever listing on Amazon Kindle, 5 and a half years ago now, and has remained unchanged all that time - so we thought it was time to revise the front cover from the old dark, sketchy pencil composite to something brighter, and more lively:

Due to Amazon's recent alterations to its pricing structure, we've also been able to lower the price for this title - from over $2.50 to the more standard eBook price of $1.99.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Handy Resources: Amazon Sales Rank Express

We were just going to add this to our list of handy websites on the sidebar, but it's so darn well put together, by a chap who obviously knows (and cares) a lot about his subject, that we thought it'd be worth a promo post all of its own.

Here's the link: http://www.salesrankexpress.com/

You can search on your own details, and it will also even show you if your title(s) are flagged by Amazon as 'adult' - a truly contentious subject, from what we've gathered, as it seems much truly adult material slips under the filter, while other, seemingly innocuous titles, are flagged as such.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'Gods & Gold' Giveaway

As our first freebie offer of 2015, we hereby present - for 5 days only - the first volume in the illustrated Sword & the Ring Cycle, 'Of Gods & Gold' - starring Wotan, King of the Gods, the ambiguous Loki and his monstrous children, and a lustful Nibelung named Alberick...

The offer runs thru' Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd, so don't delay!

Just click here for a Kindle copy.

The second volume is still in production and is slated for a release before the end of this year. New and exclusive artwork will follow before too long...

Friday, 16 January 2015

News & Thoughts for 2015

Hope everyone had a great time over the festive period.

Unfortunately, a long dose of seasonal bad health and equally lousy weather meant that we've not been up to much ourselves here at FWB lately. However, the New Year has brought renewed vigour and zeal for all things Wulfish!

We currently have a bunch of titles on offer for free on Amazon's Kindle - just search on our name (Fenriswulf Books) to catch the latest deals before they disappear, as they've been staggered over the past week.

We've just removed pretty much all of our back catalogue from Smashwords in order to focus totally on Kindle - apart from anything else, ebook availability elsewhere negates the ability to use the Amazon promo deals, which we've rather grown to like recently.

In more creative news, our epic Scottish satirical saga The Sword of Lochglen has come off the backburner and is now back in production, with work on Issue 4 well underway. It'll probably turn out to be FWB's final full-length graphic novel, so we're hoping to make it a good one...more info on that soon.

It's also interesting to note how the new regulations on VAT for ebooks has affected the pricing over the US and UK editions. A UK book may now cost £0.99, whereas before the basic price was £0.77. $0.99 was the standard tariff for US ebooks on the 35% royalty option, and now that has increased proportionately to $1.52 - meaning that a lot of those skinny little 'barely long enough to be called a short story' so-called ebooks out there are likely to be priced out of existence. The minimum pricing structure means, of course, that's there no difference between a 10-page ebook and a 500-page ebook, as both would fall under the same threshold for file size. I did always wonder about the viability of extremely short ebooks on the Kindle platform.

Anyway, hope 2015 turns out to be creative and exciting for all of you!

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