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Friday, 16 January 2009

Pump'd Up

Wednesday night finally saw me deposit the stack of half a dozen copies of 'Mandrake' in Borders. Still have a few things to discuss with the sales manager, like pricing and 'Maranatha' royalties but the book is finally out in the public eye, albeit a month later than planned. It's a good feeling, to see your hard work out there in the real world, and one I doubt I'll ever get tired of.

Also out now is the aforementioned 'Last Gas Pump' comic book horror/schlock parody of 1970s drive-in movies. Printed in glorious technicolour yet - my first colour product from lulu and one which I'm very impressed with. The oversized US comic format is very appealing, and one I'll definitely be returning to for future comic projects. No ISBNs or even ISSNs this time, so the first issue of 'LGPotL' will only be available via this site, or at lulu.com. I'm also planning merchandise, initially in the form of T-shirts via DIY clothing store cafepress.com, featuring artwork and imagery from our works to date. In any case, the Fenriswulf catalogue looks ready to expand greatly within the months to come.

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