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Friday, 9 January 2009

More Things In the Pipeline

A number of creative things have been happening lately with me, on and off the periphery of Fenriswulf.

Recently went through "Maranatha" with a scalpel, trimming out the few remaining textual inconsistencies and superfluous lines, mostly in the penultimate chapter which received less proofreading than the rest of the book. Tiny, tiny edits (certainly nothing remotely requiring a change of ISBN) but big glaring oversights to me. Have also had some fine feedback from friends on the work. Lulu finally got my bulk order of "Mandrake" in transit, and I'll be visiting Borders with them as soon as they arrive (as well as to claim "Maranatha" monies.)

Right after New Year, I went into jobseeking mode to pick up any loose illustration jobs going over at Deviantart.com, where I have an account. As it happened, I got one. The work is cheesecake pin-up cartoons, something I'm not exactly a stranger to, and has been great fun so far. Contributing to client projects is something I always feel the need to keep at, as too much time spent working to one's own specifications can lead to easy stagnation and lazy habits. Knowing that someone else will be judging the work, and providing payment for it, is an incentive almost as powerful as a firecracker up the Aswan.

Further to this, I've been encouraged to pick up my sometime comic exploitation spoof series "Last Gas Pump on the Left". It'll need a bit of tweaking for print I think, but is definitely on the cards.

Also in the pipeline is a work of medieval medicine, by "Mandrake" contributor Lesley-Anne Brewster. We're currently sourcing royalty-free contemporary illustrations for this, and this project is also looking good to go pretty soon. As it stands, Fenriswulf's catalogue is looking to increase considerably in the months to come.

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