Saturday, 2 May 2015

Handy Resources: Amazon Sales Rank Express

We were just going to add this to our list of handy websites on the sidebar, but it's so darn well put together, by a chap who obviously knows (and cares) a lot about his subject, that we thought it'd be worth a promo post all of its own.

Here's the link:

You can search on your own details, and it will also even show you if your title(s) are flagged by Amazon as 'adult' - a truly contentious subject, from what we've gathered, as it seems much truly adult material slips under the filter, while other, seemingly innocuous titles, are flagged as such.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'Gods & Gold' Giveaway

As our first freebie offer of 2015, we hereby present - for 5 days only - the first volume in the illustrated Sword & the Ring Cycle, 'Of Gods & Gold' - starring Wotan, King of the Gods, the ambiguous Loki and his monstrous children, and a lustful Nibelung named Alberick...

The offer runs thru' Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd, so don't delay!

Just click here for a Kindle copy.

The second volume is still in production and is slated for a release before the end of this year. New and exclusive artwork will follow before too long...

Friday, 16 January 2015

News & Thoughts for 2015

Hope everyone had a great time over the festive period.

Unfortunately, a long dose of seasonal bad health and equally lousy weather meant that we've not been up to much ourselves here at FWB lately. However, the New Year has brought renewed vigour and zeal for all things Wulfish!

We currently have a bunch of titles on offer for free on Amazon's Kindle - just search on our name (Fenriswulf Books) to catch the latest deals before they disappear, as they've been staggered over the past week.

We've just removed pretty much all of our back catalogue from Smashwords in order to focus totally on Kindle - apart from anything else, ebook availability elsewhere negates the ability to use the Amazon promo deals, which we've rather grown to like recently.

In more creative news, our epic Scottish satirical saga The Sword of Lochglen has come off the backburner and is now back in production, with work on Issue 4 well underway. It'll probably turn out to be FWB's final full-length graphic novel, so we're hoping to make it a good one...more info on that soon.

It's also interesting to note how the new regulations on VAT for ebooks has affected the pricing over the US and UK editions. A UK book may now cost £0.99, whereas before the basic price was £0.77. $0.99 was the standard tariff for US ebooks on the 35% royalty option, and now that has increased proportionately to $1.52 - meaning that a lot of those skinny little 'barely long enough to be called a short story' so-called ebooks out there are likely to be priced out of existence. The minimum pricing structure means, of course, that's there no difference between a 10-page ebook and a 500-page ebook, as both would fall under the same threshold for file size. I did always wonder about the viability of extremely short ebooks on the Kindle platform.

Anyway, hope 2015 turns out to be creative and exciting for all of you!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

'Leper Messiah' Rebooted...and Resurrected

Chaz and Frang's prose/graphic novel collaboration which debuted in A Surfeit of Mandrake back in 2008 (almost exactly 6 years ago!) has been revised, extended, and was launched on Amazon Kindle this week. Frang's gritty graphic art once again graces the cover, and this edition also includes Frang's 'Fragments of a Time to Come' which graced the Mandrake anthology.

Chaz had always felt that the Mandrake anthology was forced out of circulation rather prematurely, due mainly to the close of the local Borders store, but also due to the start of the rise of the digital eBook. Now that Fenriswulf Books have almost totally abandoned print in favour of digital distribution, it's nice to see those pieces given another crack of the metaphorical whip.

Leper Messiah: A Pariah Messiah in Mandragoric Mollification is now on sale at Amazon, here.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Amazon and Hachette Resolve Bitter Dispute Over Price

And so finally it’s over…according to this article on the BBC.

Although I'm quite sure we haven't heard the last murmurings of discontent between the monolithic Amazon and the world of publishing...

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Tragicall Historie Retold

Fenriswulf Books have just released a newly-repackaged piece with a bit of history behind it - originally written in 1993 for the 400th anniversary of the death of Christopher Marlowe, Chaz's idiosyncratic blank verse tribute lay unseen until it was featured in the 2008 anthology A Surfeit of Mandrake , FWB's second ever publication and which had a very short shelf life due to the demise of Dundee's Borders soon after.

But Marlowe's ghost refused to stay forgotten, and now he's returned...

A rowdy post-modern theatre group perform a short boisterous play in tribute to their deceased master playwright - the dark, angry and precocious genius known as Christopher ('Kit' to his friends) Marlowe - shot through with lashings of black humour and tragedy.

Now available on Amazon for Kindle, right here. 

And from the 5th - 9th November inclusive only, it'll be free, too.

Monday, 29 September 2014

The 'Geekz' Get as High as Can Be...

Had to do a double-take this weekend when I noticed on Amazon UK that the 'Geekz' webcomic anthology was sitting at the #1 spot on the Kindle chart for comic & graphic novel/anthologies...

Given that it hasn't exactly set our bank balance afire with sales of late, we were rather surprised to say the least...though rather chuffed as well. Perhaps this event offers a wee hint as to how critical a few sales can be to a book's current chart position on the Kindle platform at any given time, and how fluid the Amazon sales stats really are.

In any case, the 'Geekz' continue to poke fun at all things techie, geeky, weird, surreal and plain off the wall every week, at:

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
Because Chaz is a fan of these guys and their music. Help support the British metal music scene!

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