Monday, 13 June 2016

'Spilled Blood' Flows On...Issue 2 Progress

Chaz offered a taster of issue 2 of the new Russian crime series 'Prolitoy Krovi (Spilled Blood)' at the end of issue 1 in both the Kindle digital, and limited edition run print edition. Several stories have already been fully scripted, in which we learn more about the Uzbek's origins, and catch up again with Sonya following her release from Mikhael's grasp.

In the meantime, however, here's a sneak preview of the currently in-progress story, 'The 7 Churches of Asia', the most ambitious yet...and which promises the biggest 'body count', too...

Page 1

Page 5

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Uzbek Comes to Kindle

The first issue of Chaz's new Russian crime/thriller comic series has just made it on to Amazon's Kindle platform - with a few tweaks and a little less censorship than was put in place (voluntarily) for the recent glossy print edition.

Here's the link for UK readers.

And US readers can get it here.

While the experience of using the Kindle Comic Creator software was tiring and frustrating to say the least (it crashed pretty much after every second page was added to the document), the finished result seems to look OK on the previews. With a bit more more effort (and investment), the Comics creator software could actually be a really powerful tool - but as it stands, it's barely a beta, which is disappointing given that it's now been around a few years.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mr Frisk, the Manga Cat and Brand New Merchandise!

Following on from this recent post where we first revealed our forthcoming anime/manga tee-shirt design range, we're very happy to announce that the first tentative run of shirts has hit the high street - debuting exclusively at the Otaku Station manga merchandise store in Castle Street, Dundee. (Show them, and us, some support by checking them out on Facebook, right here!)

The two girl/cat designs posted previously are now available in sizes S - XL. More designs to follow soon if the current ones sell at all, or if further interest is shown.

The shirts also all have cute hand-made labels featuring the Mr Frisk brand name and logo (see left) - as it was he who started the whole concept in the first place, Chaz felt he ought to be honoured by becoming the figurehead of the 'company'. He'll also have a solo guest spot on the next t-shirt design, if there ever is one...only time will tell, and if there is then we'll be sure to shout about it.

In the meantime, Chaz is also looking into other merchandising options, such as cards, prints and posters featuring either his own range of manga individuals (and their pets), or even sci-fi/fantasy designs aimed at a different audience.

Even more cool news will follow soon...

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Full-time score: Google 1, Authors 0

There'll be some pretty cool FWB news to be reported very soon, but in the meantime, here is a much bigger story - with  possible future repercussions for authors and creators everywhere:

Google wins copyright battle over books

We wonder how more elastic the term 'fair use' will become if it happens to be used by a monolithic corporation worth billions, which believes that it stands above the laws of ordinary business in almost every regard.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Chaz and Frang go to DeeCon...

So DeeCon 2016 happened - and the chaps from FWB were there, taking in the busy atmosphere, checking out small-press comics, listening to a couple of interesting talks and generally enjoying the feel-good nature of the anime/manga gathering.

Surprisingly, we didn't see any DVDs for sale, and almost no manga books - or tee-shirts for that matter - but despite all that, the next DeeCon event may well include an FWB stall, if the boys can get plenty of product out there over the next year. Chaz's Russian crime series 'Spilled Blood' is looking set for an initial print run, and Frang's Pictish mythological epic 'Gruoch' may not be too far behind. Plenty of possibilities were discussed, so we'll see what unfolds over the coming months...

In the meantime, here's some snaps from the event to entertain you.

Art and comics stalls on Level 4

 Missy B and Mr Frisk must have felt right at home...

Mr Frang takes a breather

Furry fun

Cosplay characters in the carpark

The Cat in the Hat, and pals

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fenriswulf Fashion update: manga t-shirt range now available!

In between working like a maniac to get his art portfolio sorted for this weekend's hand-in, Chaz somehow managed to find time to get these little numbers printed up in time for DeeCon on the 9th, where both Chaz & Frang are scheduled to make an appearance...

Missy B and Mr Frisk...coming to a quality garment near you
Our gorgeous model demonstrates the latest in our anime-themed merchandise series
Pretty neat huh? They look much better in reality, in fact, as the camera flashgun has pretty much bleached out the colour. Quality garments too, as you'll note by the label in the top pic: Fruit of the Loom, beloved of rock band merchandisers the world over. These sample products will be accompanying Chaz to Deecon to see what kind of reaction they get from the anime/manga fan crowd.

And that's not all. Some interest and encouragement has already been shown by a local specialist retailer, and a design for a third shirt is now in the pipeline. The next week or two will determine if this is going to become a viable merchandising sideline, but for an idea which felt like a passing whim at the time, Chaz is now taking the whole thing very seriously indeed. Starting off in small business is never easy, but, like comedy, sometimes it is all really just all about timing... we'll see if a public airing at Dundee's anime/manga get-together can produce any timely feedback to help get this little project off the ground.

In the meantime, if anybody is interested in ordering up one of the above designs, just drop us a line for PayPal details. £12 incl. postage and packing for UK addresses sound reasonable? If you're overseas, £14 ought to cover it. Or indeed, if there's a bespoke design you'd like to see...let us know!

Friday, 18 March 2016

'Blood' on the Blog...

The first two chapters of Chaz's brand new Russian comic crime series, 'Spilled Blood (Prolitoy Krovi)', is now available! Featuring two complete 10-page strips, 'The Long Long Road' and 'Sword of Tamerlane', these graphic tales introduce the dark and enigmatic figure of 'the Uzbek', an underworld anti-hero who leaves the red product of the title wherever he goes...
Wraparound cover for the new 1st edition of 'Spilled Blood'
Get hold of a print copy here, direct from They even accept Paypal these days.

Yes, the cover price is higher than we would have liked for a 28-page (albeit, full-colour) comic - that's because Lulu now, in their less-than-infinite wisdom, have removed the option for creators to publish comics in full colour (only black/white is allowed). They now must be created as saddle-stitched books (or perfect bound books, at even higher expense, which means little room for creator royalties). However, this is the only place online to find this special preview issue, and any subsequent releases will have a completely redesigned front cover, and probably also a varied internal layout from this edition.

Behold! - new Fenriswulf print product!
Currently we're looking into costs with a local printer for a small-scale print run in an effort to get some real, new, printed product back out there again, in comic shops and any other likely venues.

As far as this series goes, it's only the beginning. Scripts for the next two stories have already been drafted, expanding the story arcs presented in the first chapters, and Chaz now only needs the time to draw the actual strips now. More to come on that soon...
Sample art from Chapter II, 'Sword of Tamerlane'

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
Because Chaz is a fan of these guys and their music. Help support the British metal music scene!

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