Friday, 28 March 2014

New Tax to Hit E-Book Sales?

It seems as though the fact that ebooks are susceptible to tax, unlike their print equivalents, isn't enough for HMRC - they want to squeeze even more money out of readers (and gamers and listeners), according to recent tech news.

The full story was reported on the BBC Technology website, here.

Keep an eye on this story as it may suggest that Amazon, and other vendors, will be forced to increase prices.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

'Malaria 9' Kindle Freebie - This Week Only

It's been a while since we did any FWB Kindle freebies, so here's a chance to catch our recent cyberpunk horror thriller for free until Sunday 16th March:

For US Kindle readers
For UK Kindle Readers

The sequel, Londinium's Burning, is also now underway, with an expected release date sometime later this year, work commitments permitting. Chaz hasn't been doing a lot of writing of late but is now getting his mojo back, so watch this space for more news...

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

'Venus in Saturn' New Edition Freebie!

To celebrate the re-launch of Venus in Saturn in its new, extended edition, we're currently offering the title for free as of today (22nd Jan) and throughout the next 4 days ('til Sunday).

You can grab the freebie right here.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

'Venus in Saturn': Special New Edition Just Released

The first book in the Trinity Chronicles series - the original backbone of Fenriswulf Books - has just had a makeover, and been re-released exclusively on Amazon Kindle together with a brand new (and less ideologically sensitive) cover.

This new and expanded edition contains additional scenes and flashbacks cut from the original, and some background that had originally been planned to appear in the third book of the 'Chronicles' series. Overall, the book is now over 15% longer. The new edition is not designed to supersede the previous one, but rather to stand alone as an alternative version - a Director's Cut, if you will. The original plan had been to bundle this along with Maranatha under the umbrella title The Vanessa Descartes Files, and include scenes also deleted from the sequel, in a special bumper edition. But we thought we'd hold this idea until the third book has been released, and then put out all three as a special omnibus edition.

A release date for the third and final book, which ties up all remaining loose ends and provides a devastating climax to the whole series, is still far in the future but it remains a work in progress.

You can download it right here. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Just a quick post to say we hope that everyone out there had a great festive season, and has lots of exciting new things lined up for 2014.  Things have been pretty quiet here of late as Chaz has been busy with other commission projects, but there are still a few projects in the pipeline which should be seeing the light of day later in the year.

The second volume of the Sword and the Ring graphic fantasy/mythology series is back on track at long last, with a tentative release date scheduled for the second part of the year, as well as some sketches for the next book in the Angel of Vengeance watch this space.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Week Freebie: 'The Dawn of Battle (Angel of Vengeance)' !

That's right, in celebration of the sinister season (or to the true pagans out there - the New Year!), we're offering for free the brand new third part in the adult supernatural Kindle series.

The giveaway starts on October 29th, and runs until November 2nd.

UK readers can grab it here.

US readers can get it here.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

'Angel of Vengeance: 3' Arrives on Kindle

Just in time for Halloween week - the 3rd and concluding part of the 'First Trinity' in the Angel of Vengeance series appears on the Kindle platform. And it's the biggest and baddest adventure featuring Bosch, Aldaraia and co. to date...

Mr. Skinn, the arch-fiend from 'Angel of Vengeance', is back in town and stronger and nastier than ever. When his henchmen turn up on Bosch's doorstep and demand back a magical sphere of dark and terrible power, Bosch and Aldaraia are forced to go on the run and seek help from the Lucifer's Bastards motorcycle gang.

All seems lost until some help appears from a very unexpected who was responsible for ripping off Aldaraia's wings and casting her down from heaven. Can an alliance of Heaven and Hell put an end to the evil schemes of Mr. Skinn for good, as a bloody showdown looms?

And when Lucifer himself shows up to make Bosch an offer, can the imp really refuse his own lord and master? With the sides now drawn, only a battle fought by the bravest – and boldest – can save the material world from the subjugation of Mr. Skinn and his mindless legions of beast-men. Whatever happens, Bosch, his friends and the rest of the world shall never be the same again.

'Dawn of Battle' is the epic conclusion to the First Trinity in the 'AoV' series. And it wouldn't be an 'AoV' tale without a good dollop of extreme over-the-top gore, supernatural sex, dark humour and otherworldly horror: 'Dawn of Battle' delivers all the good(ie)s in Spades!

Strictly adult readers only.

And now available right here.

Bosch holds the sphere which imprisons the evil Crawlers of the Void
Cover portrait artwork of Aldaraia
Additional: we've also just released the complete AoV series in a single volume, featuring new and never-before-seen artwork.

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