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Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Well, things went a bit Pete Tong last month, finally. Unfortunately, at the worst possible time. After author Lesley-Anne & I scrambling around like mad thing for a week or more trying to knock her "Medieval Medicine" book into perfect shape, we pushed through a bulk order from Lulu to get to us in time for her historical talk on the 27th. Unfortunately, a strange and not-very-well-explained Lulu-induced FUBAR concerning the front cover put paid to that project.

I felt pretty rotten, in fact. Hated myself for having to tell Lesley the news, especially after all the effort we, and one of her friends, put in to get the text fully up to scratch. Complaining at Lulu wouldn't get us the cover fixed, nor the order in time. Of all the things to mess up, it had to be the one project that really mattered, the one that I had someone else counting on me for...and so on.

As if that wasn't enough, my printed proof of the "Black Flag" graphic novel was a loser, too. The interior inks printed beautifully but the pencilled artwork...well, to say it looked like a bad photocopy is being polite. My complaints were heard but not upheld. I didn't have the energy or the will left to fight it after the failure of the medicine book, though I couldn't understand how "Mandrake", which contains many pencil illustrations, printed out fine across several batches and "Flag" (which strangely, was sent from Spain) fared so badly.

No matter. I'm currently seeking a new printer for the "Flag". All this, plus some on-the-side commission work (and a birthday) explains why I haven't posted here in 5 weeks. I needed some time out from printing, editing, and publishing. However, being positive, I'm determined to bounce back. A long chat with old-time collaborator Frang at the weekend has rejuvinated my interest, and a new comic-strip series will soon be unveiled.

Added to this, some rather startling news from Borders. While continuing to chase up my royalty cheques, I was informed by the way that apparantly they have had some customers in recently, asking about my next book, and suggesting that we discuss my next title later in the month...

...which would be wonderful if I had actually completed it. "Venus in Capricorn" is still in production, but I've been inspired of late, and currently have over 160pp of prose finished. The overall backstory is still developing and I doubt I'll have anything of any finished quality ready by the end of the month when Borders' sales manager returns, but it's a target to aim for, nonetheless. After all, the first draft of "Maranatha" was written in 4 months flat.

The intermission is now over, and I've just picked up the baton again. Keep watching this space...

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