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Friday, 26 September 2008

"Aren't Local Bookshops Brilliant?"

Sorry if this post's title is gushed forth in the key of Paul Whitehouse's anoraked fan-of-everything from the classic days of the "Fast Show".

But, that excitement I mentioned a few posts back, at the idea of getting books into bricks-and-mortar stores? Well, it's arrived...

Popped into Dundee Borders tonight after work and finally got a chance to chat to their sales manager there, Neil. A incredibly sound chap who gave plenty of time, and enthusiasm, to me, Fenriswulf Books, 'Maranatha', and - oh yes - my new project...

I've already interested a couple of writer and artist folks I know in contributing to an anthology book. A collection of writings, short stories, poetry, art, whatever by me and anyone else who's up for it. Neil had no problem at all in accepting 'Maranatha' for print sale, as well as the future local showcase book, and 'Maranatha's sequels as and when they arrive.

Probably the biggest buzz yet in this whole venture - the chance to actually see my work on display, in-store. I don't know where Borders get their staff from but their customer service is awesome. Despite my repeated calls in the last few weeks to try to pin down Neil when our works shifts didn't coincide, I've never had the impression that I was being seen as a nuisance. Quite the opposite, even - everyone has had plenty of time for me. Borders seems to be built upon giving new, young, local and untried writers a fair chance - which in this day of pile 'em high/sell 'em cheap bargain blockbusters that appeal to the lowest common commercial denominator, I find staggering. And very, very welcome. After all, they're doing us a great big favour.

Neil was happy to take on half a dozen print copies of 'Maranatha' (we originally discussed 8 - before I realised that lulu.com actually do a flat rate postage charge of £6.30) on sale or return. So I ordered up a bunch as soon as I got home - no time like the present, and other clich├ęs.

And yes, local bookshops are brilliant. And electric carving knives. They're brilliant, too...

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