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The Wish and the Will: New Adventures in a Strange World

“Once upon a time, there was magic in the world, and legends and fairy stories were all true. Two great and opposing forces of nature, called the Wish and the Will, battled with each other for untold aeons. And in so doing they created a third and neutral power, which became known as the Fury, and the whole fabric of the world and the universe changed.

 But you ain't got no need to know any of that. What you do need to know, me old pal, is that you're now in the City o' Middengarth. Or Old Mid as it is referred to inside this sprawling metropoliwhatsit thing of ours. And if you want any chance of keepin' yourself alive from this ticky-tock o' the clock onwards, and not getting up the noses of their Daemonic Majesties who rule us all, then
you'll read everything what I have to tell you, okay?” - from the preface to the 57th edition of 'Arry the Vagabond's “Blimey Almanack: a Personal Companion to the Streets, Gutters, Public Latrines, etc. etc. of the City of Old Mid."

What is it? A brand new series of fantasy/steampunk/science fiction adventure stories, featuring the exploits of a rag-tag group of heroes on the strange world of Middengarth, set against a cosmic background of epic proportions. At times whimsical, weird, hilarious and decidedly off-beat, these stories have been over a decade in the making.

Will it be in Print, or online only? Due to rising print costs, Chaz is making this series available only in e-Book format. The reason is that illustrations form an integral part of the stories, and printing a full-colour, full-length novel is still trouser-droppingly expensive. Due to the epic scope of the stories, Book 1 of the Wish and the Will tales will be released in two parts, for a correspondingly small price.

Where can I read it? The first part of Book 1, Sundancer's Regret, is now available to download for Kindle HERE!

The Wish and the Will
Mr. Jeth Sundancer

There AIn't no Fairies...

Sundancer's Regret Episode 1 cover

Sundancer's Regret Episode 2 cover

Claudia and the Drekk

Thornpricke Street

Textbook Analysis

Team Ssorg


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Meet a few of the central characters...

Jeth Sundancer  - a down-at-the heel gambler, con-man, and would-be card sharp. Cynical and paranoid, his life revolves around guns, beer, and fleeing from the Old Mid Constabulary. Until the day when an old ex-partner steps back into his life with the offer of a deal of a lifetime...  "Sundancer, you two-groat bag o' gear-grease...I should've spiflicated you tocks ago, you lousy jack-a-naples..!"
I looked up from the bottom of my fourth or fifth bottle of bilge. My eyes crossed like mis-aligned searchlights as they tried to focus upon the business end of a Cold .45 'Pacemaker' pistol with a very nice custom targeting scope bolted to the snout. That gem of lethal engineering was currently tracing a direct path between the two misty marbles in the middle of my face, but in my line of work you can become complacent about such intrusions. And so it was that I found myself in the latest of a long line of awkward circumstances, which is probably as good a point as any to introduce you to this Humble Yarnspinner. To my friends (and those whom I would not class as 'enemies') I prefer to be known as 'The Knave o' Stare', but some have infuriatingly insisted upon calling me by my real handle although I tend not to quibble when being threatened with imminent death. Twenty-eight tocks o’ the clock old (or something like it) can hardly be called a lifetime, but in that period I reckon I must have learned most of what there is to know about the ancient, admired and thoroughly obnoxious art of the hustler. I can't remember where or when I was born, although I have the feeling it was probably in the back seat of a streetbus. If it was, then I must have pulled my first scam by skipping fare..."

Captain Renzo K Castello - Jeth's onetime partner in crime and a part of his personal history that Jeth had long thought gone for ever. An ace pilot of air vehicles, Renzo's skills in that department are all that have saved him and his associates from jail, death, or even worse... He was dressed in heavy black hide, which was worn white around the edges but otherwise still sickeningly stylish. The short, fitted jacket was studded along the shoulders and down the right arm and aggressively painted with fabulous beasts in bold, stylised colours. Beneath this shoulder-padded fashion statement from twenty-odd tocks o’ the clock ago hung the obvious bulk of an armoured vest, or at least the remnants of one, which seemed to be more a quantity of holes held together by a small amount of armoured material. His dinky high-heeled ankle boots and black shiny party pants looked contrastingly new, even squeaking as he moved, giving the distinct impression that their previous owner was currently lying in a back alley, shaking off the effects of a stunner. The carefully-attended black moustache widened and a top row of shining white teeth were revealed in the semblance of a grin, as wide as the outspout of a stone gargouille. I did not return the gesture.

'Claudia' - Renzo's mysterious new partner who appears to be the mastermind behind the "greatest ever heist to be perpetrated in Old Mid City, right under the noses of the Daemon Lords." But the success of this scheme depends upon trust, and Jeth finds it very hard to trust anyone who cannot even provide a full name, although concedes that she does look damn fine in stretch breeches... "I swore and shouted something derogatory towards the bridge, and then I shut up. For it was then I noticed the shadowy, sandy-haired figure swaying in the doorway, and observed that she was incredibly well-developed for a brat. And as she stepped into the light, I caught sight of an uncommonly sweet smile under a messy fringe, and my natural instincts returned in all their bounteous glory. I beamed stupidly in reply, as I usually do when confronted with sheer class. This particular example was dressed in knee boots, breeches several sizes too tight and a flashy Velkinforce pilot's jerkin with Group Captain's stripes and pips on. I wondered whom she had swiped that little treasure from..."

Smiffy Smurkin - an old friend of Renzo's (one of the few who is still alive and not in jail), Smiffy is a brilliant mechanic with a tool for just about any job, no matter how big. Despite being a hopeless slave to the power of beer, Smiffy's tinkering hand is as steady as the proverbial lump of unhewn stonework...  "Like most Sli’ix or 'Rockcats', he was short and heavy-set, in a manner which the vulgar and the unworthy would nowadays term ‘cute’. All Sli’ix had huge, round eyes most commonly of blue or green, though Smiffy had to be different and had one of each. They were a child-sized people with features like those of the common jack-cat, except for the long thick whiskers, which in early life maintained a pure white hue. Smiffy however had now entered that period of life when the whiskers grew increasingly darker, and rather than sprouting sidewards from the cheeks as was usual for youngsters, they drooped heavily rather like a man’s moustaches. Ears were triangular and very mobile, swiveling one way or another to catch the merest of sounds, and this acute sense of hearing was one they shared with their distant animal cousins. For in truth, the Sli’ix were indeed a remarkable people, descended, so they said, from the Daemon Prince Marbas, the legendary patron of mechanical invention or mechanismo, and who was said to have personally designed my own favourite model of handgun, the MARBS .36, originally for use in ‘taming’ the wild frontiers of the Outside."

Captain Ssorg Ethdril Kthorn - a gruff and crusty riverboat captain who, with his motley crew, rescues Jeth and his colleagues from the grasping hands of the Constabulary. But at what price? Ssorg seems to know a lot more than he lets on, and it soon becomes apparent that the destiny of this giant reptilian sourpuss is inextricably linked to that of Jeth and his friends... "Taking in my surroundings, I found myself the centre of attention of a pair of humanoid creatures. The larger of the two, by far, was a three yard-tall anthropomorphic 'gator, built like the back end of a Quarrymaster with a muscle tone that defied normal physiological definitions. Undeniably a fine example of the Karityldian, a species native to the distant Outside and notorious for its immense strength and even greater lack of cool. One wrong move and I was mince, but that was probably the case anyway. They were simple people with an even simpler philosophy towards others; they either liked you or they didn't, and at that moment I was pretty certain I fell into the latter category. An oil-spattered vest stretched almost to breaking point across his heaving chest and heavy canvas pants were tucked into desert boots that would have come up to my knees. The huge bundledust slug-thrower at his hip dated back to the days of the Old Colonial Guard, and it looked as if it hadn't been near a spit of polish since then either..."

All text, music and art is (c) Chaz Wood 2011-12  

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners

Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
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'Sword and the Ring' Book 1

'Sword and the Ring' Book 1
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