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The Sword and the Ring - the 'Ring' Cycle Rebooted

The 'Ring of the Nibelung' rebooted...re-told...
and revolutionised. 

Wotan: Father of Wolves, Lord of Ravens
'The Sword and the Ring' is Fenrisuwlf Books' first publication which is not 100% original, and is based on various mythological and artistic interpretations of the classic legend. Drawing on the Northern tradition (the Volsungasaga), the Germanic branch (the Nibelunglied) and of course adding a healthy dollop of Richard Wagner, with some original material woven in for good measure, writer/illustrator Chaz Wood presents the epic as a darkly twisted science-fantasy graphic experience, while keeping essential elements of the ancient pagan myths very much alive.

Wotan, his wolves, his daughter Brunhild...and his wife, Fricke

Despite the overall 'heaviness' of this new production, the work is not without humour, and aims to preserve a hint of the kind of black comedy often found in the Old Norse tales of the gods. As such, the trickster god Loki (called Loge by Wagner) has been granted a much larger part in the proceedings, which strengthens the dramatic tension between his dynasty of monstrous offspring, and the family of gods led by Wotan, king of Asgard and builder of Valhalla. The eternal conflict between the two noble houses increases the stakes in the games the gods play with mortals - until the age of heroes comes to an end and the gods are destroyed in the schemes of their own making.

Loki Laufeyjarson, eternal trickster and rival of Wotan
Book 1, Of Gods and Gold (roughly equivalent to Wagner's Das Rheingold), is available on Kindle format here, or in our paperback print edition here. Epic dark Old Norse fantasy for the 21st. Century...

Front cover art for Book 1

And now, a sneak preview of illustrations for the forthcoming Book 2...in which heroes are born, alliances shattered, old scores settled and the Age of Gods begins to fade.

Brunhild risks the wrath of Wotan to save the sister of Sigmund
The Valkyrie herself, Brunhild
Sigmund, fleeing his enemies, comes to a lonely house in a forest
Valkyrie sisters of Brunhild, Sanngridr and Svipul

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'Sword and the Ring' Book 1

'Sword and the Ring' Book 1
Now Available...in print, or in Kindle format

'Sword and the Ring' Part 1 Book Trailer

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"Maranatha" video trailer - for the new 2nd edition

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