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'Angel of Vengeance': the graphic novel origins

The 'Angel of Vengeance' series of dark occult fantasy books originally began life as a graphic novel - drawn in gritty, scratchy pencil, yet. Conceived in late 2010, it was as heavily inspired by the art and writings of William Blake as it was by the music of Slayer and the 'Faust/Wrath' series of Tim Vigil/David Quinn comics, which certainly were responsible for the visceral and gritty style (and the working title, too, as the cover sketch below shows...)

Only a few pages were ever fully rendered, along with a cover sketch concept, but we present here everything that remains as it had been originally intended. Other changes include the fact that Bosch is rendered with human-like eyes, and Aldaraia looks a lot older than she's depicted in the novels. So this is the scribbly, scratchy overture to what became 'South of Heaven', the first chapter in the series [adult content follows]:

The original cover concept

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3
Page 4

Page 5
And, that's all, folks. In fact there's a big jump of continuity between 'Page 4' and 'Page 5' because I was wrangling with how to depict the scene where Chayyliel is ordered by The Throne to kick Aldaraia's ass out of heaven - I mean, how the hell do you draw God, Jehovah, YHWH etc.?! And while figuring that out, I went on and drew the rest of the next sequence. I did keep the concept of the Throne itself resting upon the backs and shoulders of angels whose sole purpose is to sing the praises of their Infinite Burden and, perhaps, carry the Throne wherever it needs to be.

These pages, of course, also explain why the first part of the original 'Angel of Vengeance' novella is very heavily illustrated, and the others, aren't so. In any case, I still really like these pages, and love the grandiose plans I had to do a self-published William Blake thing with the finished book and bind them myself in special card covers with hand-stitched pages. Somehow, a digital flick-book just doesn't seem the same...

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