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'Angel of Vengeance': Angels, Demons, and Dark, Dark Humour

 'Angel of Vengeance' is a series of adult occult fantasy ebooks published by Fenriswulf Books, which straddle the horror, fantasy, paranormal and action genres.

The series is narrated in a droll and quirky style by Bosch, an exiled Imp from the 3rd Circle of hell, and tells of his adventures in modern-day Europe with a fallen angel named Aldaraia, once of the exalted order of Seraphim, who was cast down from heaven for lust with a mortal man.

Abandoned by their respective masters, these two outcasts must form an unlikely alliance in a dark and harsh world which is increasingly coming under the control of sinister beings from the realms of hell. Bosch must use all his demonic cunning, and Aldaraia all her remaining angelic power just to survive, before they can even think about fighting the embodiment of deepest evil, symbolised by their darkest nemesis, the vile and twisted Mr. Skinn.

But Aldaraia bears a curse upon her head - a curse which impels her towards extremes of behaviour, and gradually begins to transform her into an Angel of Vengeance.

Along the way, Bosch calls in favours from old allies and friends, such as the gruff Richard of Walmsley, onetime Lord High Executioner of London, who is now president of an immortal band of motorcycle outlaws named the Lucifer's Bastards. Help also comes along in the form of 'Mort' Grischnacht, a 400-year old Norwegian black wizard and shapeshifter (whose alter ego, Adolphus, is a giant one-eyed wolf) and his mouthy girlfriend, Jenny. Together, these dark souls must unite to save not just themselves but those around them as the lines between good and evil become continuously blurred, and once-vague notions such as friendship, loyalty, courage and honour begin to force our anti-heroes into difficult and often painful choices.

The first book is available (for $0.99 or equivalent) at Smashwords, or in the illustrated Amazon edition, which features a selection of the original artwork as a bonus (the series originally started life as a graphic novel). The sequel, Long Way Back from Hell, is now available on Amazon Kindle, right here. In this middle part of the first trilogy (or trinity), Bosch comes to the aid of Mort, after  Jenny vanishes one night. Believing her to be in the clutches of a copycat serial killer following in the footsteps of the notorious Hamburg Ripper, Mort resorts to darkest necromancy in an attempt to find her before it's too late, while Bosch and Aldaraia seek other means to help save the day.

And in the brand new Kindle release Dawn of Battle, the third and final part of the First Trinity, the vile Mr. Skinn returns to conclude the unfinished business from the end of the first book - with plans for total domination of the entire world by opening a portal to the Void, a dimension of chaos and madness.  Only Bosch, Aldaraia and the usual motley collection of supernatural allies can even hope to bring him down...with the usual helpings of dark humour, sex and gore which have characterised the series to date.

We also present the exclusive Kindle compilation edition which gathers all three of the first volumes together, and for the first time in eBook format, presents all of the original artwork in sequence, including the illustrations produced for the abortive graphic novel project from exactly three years ago.

As a special bonus, this edition also includes some very early character drawings of Mort and Jenny from the 1990s, as well as their own 1-page horror comic strip Liebesrasen which was featured in the Surfeit of Mandrake anthology , published by Fenriswulf Books in late 2008.

The series was put on the backburner for a couple of years until early 2017 saw the release of the 4th title, Black Metal in which Bosch and pals face a trio of deadly Prophets of the Apocalypse, as well as their deadliest enemy yet - the giant primal sea-beast Leviathan, who has risen from the sea as the Beast of Revelations with only purpose: the utter destruction of the mortal world. The first in the series to be presented as prose-only with no artwork, even the cover art was a re-worked variant of the original concept art for Aldaraia. With the writing of it nearly three years in the making, it was simply a case of "wanting to get the story out there" rather than delaying release still further by adding illustrations - which may yet appear in a future special edition.

As of Springtime 2017 there are no plans to continue the series, although there is plenty of scope to do so, if there is sufficient positive feedback.

In the meantime, you can view the original graphic novel pages upon which the prose series was based, and developed from.

So stay tuned... 

Censored cover art for Book 1 in the series.

Herein we present the main characters in the series.

Aldaraia-El, onetime member of the Order of Seraphim

Bosch (and black rat friend)

Chayyliel the Punisher, Prince of the Hayyoth 
Mr. Skinn, a demonic psychopath who desires Aldaraia
Doc Ferox, Skinn's resident mad scientist
Lucas Membrane, Skinn's devoted henchman
Junkie Joachim, a vile lowlife who falls prey to Mr. Skinn
Richard of Walmsley, President of the Lucifer's Bastards MC
Jenny, and Mort, the shapeshifter and black wizard
All artwork (c) Chaz Wood, 2010-13 c.e.

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