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The Trinity Chronicles: Maranatha, the Blood of Christ and the Cross

 Welcome to Fenriswulf Books' Trinity Chronicles page, devoted to the series of dark contemporary thrillers begun with Maranatha - an exploration of the faith in holy relics, specifically the Holy Spear of Destiny, which was inspired directly by the work of Dr. Robert Feather who carbon dated the real Holy Spear. Maranatha got good reviews online and in the Self-Publishing Magazine after its release, and currently has an aggregate of 3.75/5 on Goodreads.com.

The next in the series is Venus in Saturn, which is set some 7 years before the action in Maranatha and offers a deep and disturbing insight into the past of one of the major characters, Vanessa Descartes. With complex contemporary and historical themes and plot threads involving religious history, mysticism, magic, genetic science, conspiracies and even science fiction, the Trinity Chronicles books will keep readers in suspense until the final pages.

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Why "The Trinity Chronicles" ?
Trinity is the name given to an organization founded by a number of characters at the end of The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell, the  in-production third book in the series.The first three books, which are planned to exist as a standalone trilogy, describe the main characters, their relationships, and the adventures which build up to the creation of this group. We can't say too much more about it at this stage, as most of the future plotlines are tightly under wraps, and subject to change...What we can say is that the storylines will continue to be labyrinthine and multi-layered, challenging the characters to solve mysteries that have existed for centuries, even millennia, of time.

Who are these characters then?
Glad you asked. Writer  C. Wood has kindly provided a who's-who of the main cast below...the good, the bad and...the others.

Prof. Tomas Emilio Baltasar Bartolome de Carranza
Birth date: 1942
Birth place: Navarre, Spain
Residence: Madrid, Spain
Profession: Writer, Chair of Biblical Archaeology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Features in: Maranatha, The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell, Sins of the Father
A boisterous, self-opinionated writer of revisionist Biblical histories, Tomas is called onto the case of the Holy Spear by the Viennese police in Maranatha. Relishing the opportunity to gain free publicity for his books, Tomas begins to view himself as the super-sleuth in his own real-life detective story.

Dr. Emmanuel Wole Khalamanga
Birth date: 1955
Birth place: Enu Ugwu, Nigeria
Residence: Oxford, England
Profession: Doctor of Medieval Literature, sometime writer
Features in: Maranatha, The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell, Sins of the Father
A quiet, religious scholar of mystical texts and medieval Holy Grail literature, Khalamanga has had little contact with the outside world until he is plunged into a nightmare adventure in Vienna during his investigations into the Holy Spear case in Maranatha.

Vanessa Jane Descartes
Birth date: 1970
Birth place: Stockport, England
Residence: London, England
Profession: Criminal forensic investigator, archaeological metallurgist
Features in: Maranatha, Venus in Saturn
A brilliant but troubled scientist, Vanessa first encounters Tomas and Khalamanga during the investigation into the desecration of the Holy Spear of Destiny. Through a series of troubling incidents and encounters, Vanessa gradually realises that her life is beyond her own control and has been manipulated by higher powers for dark and arcane reasons of their own.

'Father Rattus'
Birth date: Classified, c.1963
Birth place: Classified
Residence: Unknown
Profession: Priest?
Features in: Maranatha, The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell, Sins of the Father
This unnamed, sinister man of God repeatedly surfaces only to vanish again, like his adopted namesake. He knows far more than he is willing to tell, but whose side is he on, and what is his agenda? 

Ralph Hesse
Birth date: Unknown
Birth place: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Profession: Doctor of Medicine, ex-SS Obersturmbahnfuhrer
Features in: Maranatha, Venus in Saturn
What was the secret carried out of Germany by this senior officer of the Nazi SS, and how does it relate to the strange and grotesque crimes involving the Holy Spear of Destiny? 

Karmen Brandt
Birth date: c. 1950
Birth place: Munich, Germany
Residence: Unknown
Profession: Religious cult leader
Features in: Maranatha, Venus in Saturn, The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell 
A highly dangerous and generally repellent individual, founder of the Community of the Inner Light of Jesus Christ, a Gnostic Christian sect based on the Cathar heresy and Brandt's own beliefs involving fallen angels. She has been forced to remain on the run on account of her extreme political and racial views. She is very well-connected however, and her presence is continually felt behind the scenes like some dark and manipulative puppet-master.

Tycho Horatio Tyburn
Birth date: 1949
Birth place: Unknown
Residence: London, England
Profession: Dilettante, practitioner of hermetic magic
Features in: Venus in Saturn, The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell, Sins of the Father?
A dabbler in magic, both black and white, Tyburn has succeeded in unlocking some of the secrets of the human mind and, allegedly, even the soul. His motivations are unclear, and his past involves some highly surprising - and disturbing - revelations for the protagonists, especially Vanessa.

Anna Abendroth
Birth date: 1959
Birth place: Paderborn, Germany
Residence: Texas, USA
Profession: Unknown
Features in: Maranatha, The Keys of Heaven, the Ashes of Hell, Sins of the Father?
An almost forgotten part of Khalamanga's past, Anna resurfaces at the end of the Holy Spear adventure and brings a radical new direction to the good Doctor's life. But are her intentions as honourable as they appear to be - or has she a hidden agenda for getting close to Khalamanga?

Wilhelm Petersen
Birth date: 1967
Birth place: Vienna, Austria
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Profession: Police homicide detective
Features in: Maranatha
Confused by the bizarre nature of the crime of the Holy Spear of Destiny, Petersen calls in Vanessa Descartes, Emmanuel Khalamanga and Tomas de Carranza to assist in the investigation. But what sinister role does Petersen himself play in the unfolding horror...?

Dr. Else von HinterstoisserBirth date: 1909
Birth place: Vienna, Austria?
Residence: Yugoslavia, the Eastern Front
Profession: Surgeon
Features in: Venus in Saturn
Granted special dispensation from Himmler himself to research the genetics of the Aryan race, von Hinterstoisser founded Dunkelsburg research camp in former Yugoslavia towards the end of the war and worked closely with Ralph Hesse. A fanatical National Socialist and a born sadist, she was known as the Destroying Angel by the camp inmates.

Maria Witkowski
Birth date: 1929
Birth place: Danzig, Poland
Residence: Yugoslavia, the Eastern Front
Profession: None
Features in: Venus in Saturn
A survivor of Dunkelsburg research camp, Maria was known only as P-697 during her time there. She identified von Hinterstoisser with Abaddon, the Destroying Angel, and later converted to Ralph Hesse's own radical form of Gnostic Christianity. Over 50 years later, and she still cannot forget her experiences, nor forgive those responsible.

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