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Friday, 18 March 2016

'Blood' on the Blog...

The first two chapters of Chaz's brand new Russian comic crime series, 'Spilled Blood (Prolitoy Krovi)', is now available! Featuring two complete 10-page strips, 'The Long Long Road' and 'Sword of Tamerlane', these graphic tales introduce the dark and enigmatic figure of 'the Uzbek', an underworld anti-hero who leaves the red product of the title wherever he goes...
Wraparound cover for the new 1st edition of 'Spilled Blood'
Get hold of a print copy here, direct from Lulu.com. They even accept Paypal these days.

Yes, the cover price is higher than we would have liked for a 28-page (albeit, full-colour) comic - that's because Lulu now, in their less-than-infinite wisdom, have removed the option for creators to publish comics in full colour (only black/white is allowed). They now must be created as saddle-stitched books (or perfect bound books, at even higher expense, which means little room for creator royalties). However, this is the only place online to find this special preview issue, and any subsequent releases will have a completely redesigned front cover, and probably also a varied internal layout from this edition.

Behold! - new Fenriswulf print product!
Currently we're looking into costs with a local printer for a small-scale print run in an effort to get some real, new, printed product back out there again, in comic shops and any other likely venues.

As far as this series goes, it's only the beginning. Scripts for the next two stories have already been drafted, expanding the story arcs presented in the first chapters, and Chaz now only needs the time to draw the actual strips now. More to come on that soon...
Sample art from Chapter II, 'Sword of Tamerlane'

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Underground British Metal for Discerning Listeners
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