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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Pow! Kablam! 'Malaria 9' hits Smashwords!

Well it took a bit of doing, but we finally succeeded in enrolling 'Malaria 9' in the Smashwords roster. Not only that, but with some effort and editing we got it approved for the Premium distribution as well.

Last week, I found my list of old ISBNs from back in the Lulu.com days, when printing on nasty old-fashioned paper still seemed the way to go, so thought I might as well use one in this little experiment (as ISBNs are required for entry in the SW Premium catalogue). A new platform to explore, one (I hope) without the hang-ups of Amazon KDP. So as it turned out, the huge Smashwords style guide wasn't such a nightmare, after all. Much of it is just common sense that any fule kno. The rest is simply fine-tuning for the SW platform.

Which is something that got me thinking the other night: namely, that Smashwords really give a damn about the content that is put out on their servers by writers. And Amazon don't. The question is, should Amazon care, or just leave it up to readers to write lousy reviews of works that haven't smelled a spellchecker or even know what 'formatting' means? Since I've seen wholly negative reviews posted that focused purely on such matters, many writers are doing themselves a great disservice by publishing such technically inferior works. It surely can't be doing the KDP platform much good either in the long term. But Amazon could also do their bit to address some of the negative publicity that so often sticks to self-pubbers and indie writers, and perhaps rescue some of their sinking reputation at this troubled time.

In any case, it'll be quite exciting to have a new book out in the global catalogues again - it's been almost exactly four years to the day since A Surfeit of Mandrake was published. How time flies...I guess that means we've been having fun!

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Rainy Kaye said...

Hey Chaz! Just stopping by to wish you a great new year!

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