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Monday, 3 December 2012

'Kindlegate: Or, A Veritable Can of Worms'

Well who would have imagined that a thoughtful buddy dropping me a link to someone's indie publishing blog about Amazon's KDP shenanigans could have opened my eyes quite so widely!

After Sandra took the time to comment on our latest blog post on this subject, I checked out the link in her post for more details. A storm is brewing heavily, it seems, in the indie/SP community - a storm of which I've been completely unaware until now.

And all this so hot on the heels of an earlier post here singing the praises of the KDP platform and its ease of use. No, I've not done a complete U-turn, and I'm not going to dump Amazon, write them nasty steaming hatemail and ask them if they know where Dick M. Nixon kept his smoking gun.

Glitches and technical problems happen to the biggest and the best. I've worked in business tech support for ten years and read the global IT news daily, and it's true: things can fall over, blow up, fail, fall apart. Unfortunately this also means it's easier than ever for dodgy dealings to be passed off as being the fault of a wayward stream of electrons or a flaky web server, rather than a deliberate or underhand attempt at obfuscation or deceit. So I'm not going to say too much on the matter of what Amazon may or may not be doing behind the scenes, although I do agree that their copy-and-paste responses reek of corporate "tell the customer this..." BS. I should know, I've written plenty of it over the years, and copied and pasted enough of it too. In the corporate world, half-truths are stock in trade. And then there's lies, damn lies, and statistics. And as far as the statistics go that Amazon KDP have offered us, I've always taken them with a pinch of salt since Day One anyway.

The problem is, since Nixon redefined the word 'gate' as a perjorative suffix dripping with high-level conspiracy and cover-up, nobody can ever really be truly shocked or surprised about anything anymore. So I'll be watching that KDP space very closely indeed. I do hope it's not as bad as it could turn out to be - an awful lot of people's livelihoods and incomes are at stake if such is the case, people who have far more invested in words than I do - and with any luck, the truth will out sooner, rather than later.

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